Washington, D.C. Study Tour 2015 – A Personal Perspective (Part 1)

IMG_6497Every May for the last 12 years, the Albert Dorman Honors College has sponsored a study tour of our nation’s capital.  In 2015, students visited the Office of Naval Research, the National Mall, and Capitol Hill.  They also had dinner with NJIT alumni from the Washington, D.C. area.  Below is Part 1 of Honor student Ryan Merluza’s summary of his experience during the study tour.  Ryan is a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology.

“The Washington D.C. study tour hosted by the Albert Dorman Honors College has been my most uplifting and inspiration experience so far during my time here at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.  In addition to learning and seeing in first person the inner workings of our main branches of government, I was honored to have shared the experience with an invigorating, diverse, and intelligent group of scholars.  Through the history and culture within Washington D.C., I was able to gain insight on the progress we have made as a nation and a society, but through my peers I was able to see how we will continue that growth towards a better future.

After an early start to our day, our first destination was the Office of Naval Research.  Prior to being a student at NJIT, I spent my years after high school serving the United States Navy as a Nuclear Mechanical Operator for a nuclear-powered fast attack submarine, the USS (SSN 722) Key West.  To learn about the driving force behind the fast amount of technology and innovation I have seen during my time was a great experience.  I had to trust my life in what they developed over the years and the research and implement of the technology to the fleet was definitely of great interest to me.”

(to be continued)

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