Getting Adjusted to the College Lifestyle

Written by Sean Kessell
Freshman, Mechanical Engineering
Albert Dorman Honors College

group photo

Sun shining down, blue skies, and a whole lot of excitement.  The day is August 26, a day that feels like eternities ago.  This was the day honors freshmen moved in, and the day my entire life would change.  I went from the small, rural town of Hackettstown, New Jersey to the sprawling city of Newark, home to our own NJIT.  Not only was the change of scenery significant, but everything about my lifestyle would change.  I was now on my own, my parents not being there as the crutch I could rely on for so long.  It was up to me to continue any success I have made, and it sure was an adjustment.

At first, the experience was very overwhelming.  I rarely get nervous, but the first day of classes I could barely eat out of sheer anxiety.  The first week flew past, and the next thing I knew I had common exams in only a few weeks.  The workload was actually surprising to me as I felt like it would have been much greater.  While I am still tasked with doing a lot of work, it is not anything I haven’t done, as I always challenged myself throughout high school with college-level courses.  The biggest adjustment for me school-wise was the significance of tests.  Tests make up the majority of the grade, and I soon learned that I had to put all of my effort into studying for these tests.  As time went by, I developed my routine and learned good study habits I could use for each of my tests.  I soon learned which classes were the toughest and needed the most attention.  I got into a groove that helped me succeed for the first semester of my college experience.  Many of my professors are truly nice people and I’m glad to be in their classes.  I learned that they truly do want to see you succeed and that they will offer help if you ask them.  Now that the semester is winding down and finals are approaching, I need to keep my focus for the last few weeks as I can’t afford to do poorly on my finals.  I will study hard for the final exams and I hope to finish off my semester as well as I started.

My adjustment to college life was made much easier by the people I met at NJIT.  These people with whom I’ve become friends are very supportive and we all helped each other as we got through our first semester.  Whether it was working on calculus together or studying for a physics exam, we each helped the other learn the material and get over any obstacles.  Not only did we help each other with our school work, but we made sure that we had fun.  While the work is very important, the friendships and experiences we make are essential to the perfect college experience.  With these friends, I can say that the greatest experiences I have already had can become even better for the next few years of my college life.

The wind is brisk, the rain finally subsides from the grey clouds above.  It’s December now, the second to last week of classes before finals begin.  My first semester at college is almost over, and I can say I made the right decision coming to NJIT.  I have had a fantastic experience so far and I can only see it getting better.  I’m prepared for what my classes will throw at me in the future and I know it won’t be easy.  College isn’t easy, but with the right support system and after getting adjusted to the lifestyle, I can say that I’m ready for my future here at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

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