Written by Yash Bhardwaj
Freshman, Civil Engineering
Albert Dorman Honors College

Finals.  The word itself is a horror story.  Of course, it marks the end of a semester and the beginning of a long-awaited vacation, but the last week of school when all students have to take their finals is full of absolute chaos.

Most students have the habit of procrastinating for finals and cramming all of the studying of the information covered during the whole semester into the night before they have to take the final for a class.  If there is more than one final that they have to take on the same day, they might pull an all-nighter to study, meaning they’ll be half-dead the next day when taking the finals.  And then, after taking the finals for that, they have to start cramming studying for the finals they will take the next day.  It is literally the most exhausting week of the whole semester.

So what can be done to make the week just a bit easier to handle?  Well, it is most beneficial to start studying a few weeks before finals week.  That way, you can slowly review all the material that you have covered in all of your classes during the semester and really get a good grasp on the material.  Also, if you have any questions while studying, you will have the time to ask your professors the questions during office hours.  That way, you will fully comprehend the concepts covered in class.

Studying 2

Create study groups.  Get a few people from each of your classes and schedule a time before the final exam and study together as a group.  It may sound awkward, but the more people that study together, the more information you will be able to cover in one study session.  Since there are more people studying, it will be much easier to spot harder material to study, and everyone can help each other if anyone has trouble understanding some of the material.

Read the textbook.  Most students neglect reading their textbooks the whole semester.  They spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to buy the textbooks and then the textbooks never get opened during the whole semester.  Professors choose textbooks very carefully because they want students to have an extra resource at home to study.  In other words, it really is to your advantage to read the textbook as the class progresses.  That way, by the end of the semester, you will be familiar with all of the material, and if you need any help on a certain topic, you can always find and review it in the textbook.

It really isn’t hard to study for finals if you put forth the effort to do so.  Keeping good study routines throughout the whole semester can contribute to a much more relaxed finals week that will provide a great transition to the upcoming break from school.


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