Social Media Celebrity?

Written by Casey Harrigan
Albert Dorman Honors College


Photo courtesy of

Social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, and Vine utilize mobile and web-based technologies to create highly interactive and easily accessible environments through which individuals and communities can connect, create, and share.  The astronomical amount of attention that has been generated by social media in recent years is actively creating a revolutionary new landscape of communication.

Not only is social media altering the way in which individuals communicate, it is also redefining what it means to be a “celebrity.”  Now, more than ever, fame is accessible.  In recent years, society has witnessed social media catapult a large number of ordinary individuals, including Tyler Oakley, Jay Alvarrez, and Marcus Johns, to levels of fame and fortune they had never before imagined.

Social media is widespread and far-reaching.  One can release a single hilarious photograph, create an entire account dedicated to a pet, or post a series of inspiring videos about his or her life, and subsequently change the world.

The immense influence that is carried by social media provides a way for talented people who long to operate outside the system to find success.  Fame seekers now have the tools necessary to be their own engines; they have the platform that is required to build their own stage.

Artists, comedians, actors, and actresses from all corners of the globe are reaching millions of individuals every day, every hour, and perhaps even every minute using nothing more than their cell phones.  Social media is so influential that it has become a lucrative career for many individuals.

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