Watching “Jesus Christ Superstar”

Written by Jonathan Racki
Freshman, Pre-Med in Biomedical Engineering
Albert Dorman Honors College

Racki JC Superstar Photo
Photo by Shanee Halevi. Depicted is the scene from the play where Judas (played by Ibn Days) betrays Jesus (played by Isaac Jimenez).

The Rutgers-NJIT Theatre Program presented a production of “Jesus Christ Superstar,” a musical with lyrics by Tim Rice and music by Andrew Lloyd Webber.  Directed by NJIT’s Associate Director of Theatre Arts & Technology, Michael Kerley, the musical ran from March 2nd to the 6th in the Jim Wise Theatre in Kupfrian Hall on the NJIT campus.

“Jesus Christ Superstar” is a 1970 rock opera that depicts the Passion of Christ or his last days through the eyes of Judas Iscariot, a troubled soul who betrays Jesus.  In this production of the play, Jesus was played by Isaac Jimenez and Judas Iscariot was played by Ibn Days, both of whom are Rutgers-Newark students.  Albert Dorman Honors students also participated in the play, with Justin Yen playing Caiaphas.

Racki JC Superstar Photo 2
Photo by Shanee Halevi.  Depicted is the scene from the play where King Herod (played by Nicolas Oberholtzer) questions Jesus.

The Albert Dorman Honors College invited Honors students to attend the play as a colloquium on March 3rd.  Colloquia are an important part of the Honors College experience because they help enrich students in areas other than academics.  Students become better leaders of a global society through learning about aspects of the world beyond one’s discipline.  This also produces successful, well-rounded students, which is one of the tenets of the Honors College.  This play emphasized culture and gives one a greater appreciation of the fine arts which certainly adds to a student’s well-roundedness in a technology and engineering oriented school such as NJIT.

I enjoyed the play very much and loved the scene where Jesus and later Judas both question God’s plan for themselves.  It is such an emotionally intense moment where the audience can forget that they are watching a play by questioning fate themselves and empathizing with the characters’ plights.  Not only was that a great scene, but the music throughout the play was very enjoyable and the actors did a professional job.  I encourage other students not only to pick a colloquium that is related to your studies but to explore those that are fun and enriching outside of your field.